STAKED by Subterfuge Magic - Trick

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BRUTALLY POUND A SOLID STEEL STAKE THROUGH YOUR FOOT!WARNIN MUST BE OVER 18 TO PURCHASE CAN CAUSE INJURY IF NOT USED PROPERLYEffectThe sharp end of a normal stake is pressed against the center of your shoe-covered foot. Using an ordinary hammer or rock, you pound the stake inch by inch into the center of your foot. Each loud whack of the hammer visibly drives the steel shank deeper into your foot...until it is completely impaled. The solid steel stake is now actually imbedded into the surface beneath your foot!Your staked foot is visible from ALL angles. And then, while a spectator holds the stake steady, you slowly, gut-wrenchingly, slide your impaled foot half way up the solid steel shaft...and stop.Your impaled foot is now seen to be completely penetrated from above and below by the steel shaft. Again, this riveting spectacle is visible from all angles.You, or a spectator remove, the solid steel stake from your foot. You unlace your shoe and slowly pull out your foot, revealing that it is completely unharmed...except perhaps for a small blood-stained hole in your sock.Stake yourself with any UNGIMMICKED screwdriver, pen, spike, nail, wood stake, knife, sharpened wooden dowel etc. Perform Staked completely SURROUNDED... close up or on stage. Perform Staked Inside or outside...ANYWHERE in any lighting. Perform Staked with or without blood. Staked does not come with a modified shoe... You must provide your own. Complete with Staked component and instructional DVD. WARNIN CAN RESULT IN INJURY IF NOT PERFORMED PROPERLY. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ANYONE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE.



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