Stir Fry by John Kennedy

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Toss a coin into a cup, stir it, then "fry" your audience when it drops right through! The magician draw attention to three objects: a coin, a coffee cup and a close-up sized magic wand. "Watch closely," he says while tossing the coin into the cup. He picks up the wand, stirs, then slowly lifts the cup – the coin is underneath! "Maybe you didn't watch closely enough, so I'll do it one more time…"
With the audience only inches away and paying close attention, he picks up the coin again and tosses it into the cup. "It is still inside," he says, "it just melts right through!" At that instant the coin drops out from the bottom of the cup.
It looks great!
The coin and cup are completely ordinary and can even be borrowed. So how does it work? It's the wand. It looks innocent, yet it is cleverly gimmicked to create this stunning illusion. It will also allow you to make borrowed coins, rings, keys, etc. penetrate any coffee cup. You can make the object vanish from inside the cup, then produce it from a nest of boxes or anywhere you like!
The close-up wand is about the size of a pencil – just slip it into your pocket and you're ready to go. It is crafted from solid walnut and hand lacquered. The tips are machined from solid brass and then a heavy gold plate is applied. Complete with velvet pouch – really nice!



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