Stretching by Mathieu Bich

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Another unusual effect from Mathieu Bich. You offer to show your audience how to "freeze time." Show an ordinary hair band. This is one of those elastic type fuzzy rings that girls wear around their hair. You stretch it a few times back and forth and then extend it one more time and release one end. The hair band remains stretched, suspended in mid air. It can be seen from all angles and even touched by the spectators. Now the hair band begins to return to its original position but IN SLOW MOTION. It's like watching a special effect in a movie. You can repeat the effect instantly. Hair band can be given for examination as it is just an ordinary hair band. This effect is entirely self contained with no switches, threads, magnets. Only one hair band is used and it is perfectly normal. The gimmick does all the work. This is really an unusual thing to watch!

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