Stretching The Truth 2.0 by Tim Gabrielson - Trick

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This ten-minute professional routine combines audience interaction, comedy and illusion resulting in a modern day Miracle! What begins, as a mind-reading exercise where you attempt to draw the volunteer's chosen animal cracker quickly becomes an unforgettable trick as they watch the last drawn animal seemingly come to life right before their eyes! The crowd watches in amazement as you present the inanimate drawing to the volunteer proving once and for all it's simply ink and paper. This, of course, is received with massive applause from the audience! Benefits include: Re-sets in five minutes!
Packs small and Plays Huge!
Not another card trick!
Uses common pad of paper found at any art supply store
Requires no expensive refills to buy from us
Uses animal crackers found in most grocery stores
Comes fully scripted and audience tested
Uses your own handwriting
Allows customization to fit your act
okes and one-liners
Updated handling
Performance tips
Audience management

"Stretching the Truth" comes complete with a sixty-minute instructional DVD and EVERYTHING you need to construct the effect, including a carrying case for your pad as well as the cookies.

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