Successful Conjuring for Amateurs by Norman Hunter (Used 1951 1st Edition)

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Definitely one of my favorite books of all time. I learned so much from this great book during my teen years growing up in magic. There are things in this book you just will not find anywhere else. The author of this book, Norman Hunter, was the last of the Maskelyne show so he really knew his magic. Great black and white photos and clear sharp line drawings. A real gem.
Norman Hunter's Successful Conjuring for Amateurs, F. J. Camm editor, hard bound, 383 pages including index, photos and illustrations. Published by C. Arthur Pearson Ltd. in London in 1951
Just look at the following chapters.
Contents: Conjuring Tricks You Can Perform, Conjurer's Furniture, Mysterious Boxes, Conjuring With Flowers, Tricks with the Magic Wand, Technique of Forcing, Secrets of Card Conjuring, Mechanics of Vanishing Tricks, Conjurer's Camouflage, Magic with Coins, Tricks with Billiard Balls, Tricks with Bottles, Sensational Magic and Its Secrets, Chemical Magic, Thimble Manipulation, Miniature Magic, Weapons for Wizards, Magical Cookery, Levitation Mysteries, Magic Messages, Conjuring with Lamps and Candles, Easy Magic for Christmas, The Tricks of Conjuring, Spooky Secrets Fully Explained, Magical Productions, Liquid Legerdemain, Technique of the Watch Trick, Tricks of Escaping and Magic with Knots, Conjuring with Picture Frames, Tricks with Trays and Plates, Conjuring with Dice Blocks and Cubes, Simplified Conjuring, Conjuring with Colours, Trick Hats and Hat Tricks, Conjuring with Paper, Conjuring with Rings, and Conjuring with Cigarettes. .
Condition of the book is good but is lacking the dustjacket. Minor Loosening of the spine.



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Reviewing: Successful Conjuring for Amateurs by Norman Hunter (Used 1951 1st Edition)

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