Super Chair by Yaniv and Sagiv Levy - Trick

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The Super Chair is the most sophisticated electrical chair in the world. It employs the most advanced technology and production techniques. It gives you several choices:Option 1 - Weak electrical current. For children's shows.Option 2 - Stronger electrical current for adult shows.Option 3 - vibrating system we have installed a vibrating system into the chair. The possibilities are endless! For example, you can convey a message to a 'volunteer' or you can transmit codes during a telepathy performance.Also, no more expansive batteries to buy. The Super Chair is charged directly from your electric socket. It is handcrafted under the most stringent quality control conditions. The robust electrical system is highly reliable and built to last. Made from the most sophisticated electric components and fully guaranteed. The Super Chair will be an exciting and dependable addition to your act.The Super Chair kit includes:A Custom-Case Explanation DVD Charger (100-200mA/6.2-10V/8-10h) Remote-Control Click on the following thumbnail image to get a full-size printable flyer for the Super Chair!



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