Sympathetic Wands by Ramos - Trick

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It's seldom that there is something new in magic - trick that no one could say he has seen something similar before. Ramos invented the Sympathetic Wands and created a fascinating variety of effects with it: effects that involve levitation, animation and Telekinesis. You show two regular soft-drink bottles made from glass and two normal wands. Everything rests on a nice looking tray.1. Place one of the wands into one of the soda bottles and touch the wand with the other wand. Move the wand in your hand up and down. The wand in the bottle moves up and down as if connected by magnetism to the other wand. (No, there are no magnets involved!)2. Now place the wand in your hand into the second bottle and move the other wand (held horizontally) in front of the bottle up and down: The wand in the bottle will also move up and down as if by magic!3. Place one of the wands in one bottle and move the other wand in front of the other bottle up and down. As if a ghost would handle the other wand in the bottle, it makes the same movements and moves up and down in the same way!4. Another variation: One wand is dropped into the bottle and the other one held vertical without (!) any movement: The wand in the bottle moves up and descends down again as if by magic!5. You now place the wands into one bottle each and place a book or a piece of cardboard in between the bottles. Move one wand up and down and nothing happens: The invisible "rays" are disturbed so that no effect takes place. As soon as the book (or cardboard) is removed, the wands work just like before!6. Something unexpected follows: After one wand has been placed in one of the bottles, the other wand is placed in the second soft-drink-bottle: Now the first wand shoots upwards as if there was not enough space for it in the bottle! The wand now levitates free inside the bottle. When you push it down, the other wand starts to levitate in the other bottle! In the end, both wands levitate inside their bottles!7. At the end of this fascinating routine, you place one of the wands vertical on top of a bottle and concentrate while not making any move... the wand starts to rotate - first slowly and then faster! Take the wand in your hand and take your bow!Is it Telekinesis like Uri Geller demonstrated it in the 80's around the world? Is it just a trick? Do unseen forces really work? Is it a complicated mechanical marvel? Are wires used or is a thread running through the room? Is there a secret assistant...? Nothing like that at all! The innocent-looking transparent tray contains the secret. You just have to place the wands in the bottles and everything happens nearly automatically. No sleight of hand! No long practice needed! Can be performed everywhere even surrounded by spectators!Ramos' Sympathetic wands come in a sturdy plastic-case complete with the special prepared transparent plastic-tray, wands and detailed illustrated instructions Limited collector's edition.Wand Length Approximately 10" (25cm)Tray Dimensions Approximately 6" x 12" (15cm x 30cm)



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