Syzygy's Best! Volume 2 by Larry Becker and Lee Earle - DVD

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Syzygy's Best!, taped with live lecture audiences (not a bunch of studio stooges). are now re-mastered onto DVD. The DVD is one hour of entertainment, and explanations featuring material from the Stars of Mentalism as published in the newsletter SYZYGY. Contents include: - Bold & Beautiful by Ted Karmilovich: Predictions actually written before your performance name randomly selected celebrities, cities, and objects. - I.Q. Chart by Earl Keyser: A participant thinks of a word one letter at a time and the performer quickly learns the very same word. - Whenever-Anywhere by Ty Kralin: From any book, random words are read aloud and one is secretly chosen and yet the performer spells the word. - Dream Design by John Riggs: An image from a woman's recent dream is one of dozens pre-drawn on index cards - and the card bears her name! - Quintuple by Dave Arch: Using verbal control, the mind reader influences random choices to guarantee the outcome - even miles away! - Picture Show by Leo Boudreau: People visualize 'postcard scenes' and with no forces, questions, or fishing, the performer describes each one. Collect All Three Volumes! Sold Separately! Running Time Approximately 60min



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