Tell Tell Water by Devin Knight - Trick

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EffectPerformer talks of the research being done in Japan with water. He further comments that current research suggests that water can be influenced by our emotions, words and thoughts. In fact a movie based on this is coming out soon, and there are several best selling books on the subject. Many people in your audience will be familar with all this.You offer to demonstrate. You show a clear and empty half gallon glass jug and also a pitcher of water. You have a person select a card (NO FORCE) and commit it to memory. You then invite the person to dip their finger into the pitcher of water and move it around so the the water itself may pick up her thoughts. Performer immediately pours the water into the glass jug and then inverts the jug of water and nothing comes out. The water magicially remains suspended (there is nothing secretly added to the mouth of the jug)!You say, "Let's see if the water will react to certain words." You hold the inverted glass jug over the pitcher. You ask the lady to think of her card. You say RED, and nothing happens, this is repeated a few times. You say BLACK and water gushes forth, You yell RED and the water stops completely! Say BLACK again, and the water gushes. "Let's try the suits," you explain. You name all 4 suits and the water gushes forth when the right suit is named and stops when a wrong suit is name. Finally, you try it with values, and when the correct value of the card (say a 4) is named, the water gushes forth. When wrong it stops. During this, at no time do your hands move, you simply hold the glass jug upside and the water flows and stops upon correct responses defying all laws of gravity and science. Finally you call off a random card and nothing happens, then you say the name of the card selected AND THE WATER GUSHES FORTH UNTIL THE JUG IS EMPTY! Very baffling, this is not a stream of water, the water gushes out and stops depending on the word spoken. It appears UNCANNY, yet the water seems to be reacting to the spoken word. SELF CONTAINED...NOTHING ADDED OR TAKEN AWAY. You get a special CLEAR half-gallon Glass Jug. Looks like the old glass jugs of yesteryear. NO Clear lucite covers used to stop water! Water can freely be poured in and out of jug, yet at anytime turn it upside down and the water defies gravity! This effect is very topical and one of the most original ways ever developed to reveal a card. The stopping and gushing forth of the water is very baffling to any audience. STRONG ENOUGH TO CLOSE A SHOW WITH. Be the first to add this novel effect to your show.



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