Tenyo Eye of the Idol (Used)

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One of the BEST and yet one of the most DIFFICULT Tenyo items to find. No longer made and highly collectibleMagician shows an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ARRAY OF ITEMS: Sparkling CRYSTAL JEWELS in a case, A CLEAR ROUND STAND, and a MYSTERIOUS MOAI STATUE .Everything is shown to the Spectators, Statue, Jewels, Stand and empty case for the jewels.  "Great and mysterious powers have long been attributed to the jewels of the earth! Take up the jewel of your choice and hold it tightly in your hand. Imbue it with all the power within you. The enigmatic Moai statue will find the Jewel".  Explaining the mysteries of the famed Easter Island statues, a small replica of a mythic idol is placed on a clear stand, surrounded by various colored gemstones. The spectator points to one of the stones. A cover, which can be closely examined by a spectator, is placed over the idol. Under cover of dark, the statue mysteriously turns to face the chosen stone. The magician never touches the stand, the gemstones, the cover or the statue - and yet, the idol always knows w to look! This amazing feat may be repeated. 

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