Thanks For Playing Try Again - Trick

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How would you like to win $100! I bet your spectators would. This fun-filled trick gives three spectators a chance to win the big money. Effect The magician displays four envelopes and each spectator has a chance to choose an envelope. The magician is left with the last envelope. Everyone has a free choice. NO FORCE! The spectators then open their envelopes and find a card which has written on it...Thanks For Playing! Try Again! Imagine the spectators' amazement when you open your envelope and pull out a crisp, new $100 bill! The envelopes are ungaffed, one of the spectators can even open the envelope and take the bill out! This is one of those miracles that the audience will remember long after the performance! CHILDREN SHOWS... Sticks of gum can be substituted for the cards. Now, three of the kids can win a stick of gum and you are left with the $100 bill. The kids have fun and are entertained, and the adults are fooled! CLOSE-UP OR STAGE... This trick can easily be performed close-up, perfect for restaurant or walk-around because of the quick reset. It is also a great way to approach tables. It is perfect for stage because it packs small but plays big! You can immediately add it to your act!



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