The Berglas Effects Deluxe Collector's Edition

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This is the Deluxe Collector's Edition of the Berglas Effects by David Berglas and Richard Kaufman.
This is numbered #4 and signed by David Berglas. Comes in a slipcase as well. Also included are seven original promo pieces from the David Berglas show and three David Berglas DVDs. Book is in excellent condition.

» Foreword (Juan Tamariz)
» Preface
» Introduction
» Invisible Control
» The Magic in David Berglas's Card Magic
» A Closed System
» David Berglas Talks About Personality and Presentation
» Beware the Obvious
» He Never Touched the Deck
» Searching for Perfection
» Zen in a Pack of Cards
» Think a Card
» Any Card at Any Number
» Small Tools and Party Tricks
» Magician's Choice
» Mind Mapping for Magicians
» The Set-Up Deck
» Jazzing Around with a Set-Up Deck
» The Berglas Effect
» The Act: The Berglas Effects
» Last Word



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