The Eyes Have It (With Prop) by Kurt Freitag - DVD

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Kurt Freitag, Hollywood's World-Famous Magic Castle host, manager, and number-one fan is absolutely fantastic in this creatively, imaginative demonstration of pure fun with puppet eyes. He and his co-star, Naphtalia Silverman, bring characters to life, using only their hands and a set, or several sets, of eyes. This two-part video (Performance and Explanations) amuses, entertains, and stirs the imagination in a charming, humorous, and colorful way. Brian Ochab, an emmy-nominated director, captures the characters Kurt and Naphtalia bring to life in this clever, innovative, and artistic masterpiece. Filmed entirely on location at the Magic Castle, this video will warm your heart, make you laugh, and give you a strong desire to get a set of those eyes (included with the DVD) in your hot, little hands. Plastic eyes puppet included with DVD.Running Time Approximately 26min



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