The Grail 2.0 (W/DVD) by Mike Rose and Alakazam Magic - Trick

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A card at any number effect for the real world! EffectA single red-backed prediction card is placed face-down in full view of the audience. The spectator names any number between 1 and 52 (e.g.17). The performer hands him a blue backed deck and asks him to have a look through it to confirm that it is simply a regular deck of cards - the spectator confirms that it is. He is then instructed to deal down to the seventeenth card and place it next to the prediction. Without any moves or switches, the performer turns over both the selection and the prediction - they match! No sleight-of-hand? No equivoque? No switches? No extra props? No problem! Mike Rose's brilliant approach to the 'card at any number' plot satisfies the need for a worker's solution to this commercial effect. This is so clean and direct that it will go straight into your act! Comes complete with U.S.P.C.C. printed gaffs and DVD.



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