The Human Cigar by Mark Strivings

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This is a mentalism routine that is a modern take on the classic "danger" effect.
There have been many of these effects in the past. Acid Test, Cheating the Gallows, Russian Roulette, and various "stabbing" effects.
This one is very portable and practical.
Five pipe lighters and a paper bag are inspected. It is shown that four of this lighters actually work while only one cannot be made to light.
The performer places the five lighters in the paper bag and shakes them up, mixing the lighters thoroughly.
The performer turns away and cannot see as the spectator reaches in and removes any of the lighters.
Performer can have the spectator light a candle with the lighter selected. This continues until the performer gets a "feeling" and places his hand directly above the lighter, asking the spectator to light the lighter.
He finds that the lighter does not light!
The performer has been able to physically determine which of the lights will not work. All other lighters still work.
*The performer looks away as each lighter is selected
*There is no force of lighters in any way
*Performer has no control over which lighter is selected
*Everything is examinable at any time during the routine.
Booklet only. Supply your own lighters.
Pipe lighters can be bought at almost any tobacco store.



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