The Little Book of Quotes by James Munton - Trick

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The fantastic new book test that you'll carry everywhere!You show the audience a pocket-sized book of famous quotes. One of the quotations is randomly chosen and you are able to reveal a word that the spectator is merely thinking of!No memorization!The book is completely examinable.Every quotation is different.Every quotation is real.Fits in your pocket.Can be immediately repeated with a different quotation.No instant stooges.Hilarious presentation and complete script provided.Ideal for close-up or on the largest stage.No sleight-of-hand.Easy to do!This wonderful routine comes complete with James Munton's hilarious script that has been finely tuned over thousands of his own professional performances both strolling and on stage."The little book of quotes is brilliant. It's a book test that is so mind numbingly simple to do, that even people with numb minds can do it! It's the kind of thing that you can pull out at a moment's notice and then read someone's mind, all wrapped up in a funny script." - Ian Kendall"I want to keep this all to myself. It's spectacular, wonderful, absolutely brilliant!"- Andrew Pinard



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