The Mendoza Cups and Balls Routine plus Sequel by John Mendoza - Book

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As featured by John F. Mendoza in his lecture tours throughout North America and Europe. Audience-tested magic that has amazed both magicians and laymen----A WINNING ROUTINE!

There are many points in favour of this routine. First, it does away with any vanishes that occur by placing the ball from one hand into the other. Secondly, the antics of the balls are genuinely surprising and unexpected. There are no preliminaries to suggest to the spectators what the next effect might be. The big loads take place separately and throughout the routine. They are all not loaded at the end of the routine. It has a logical theme to account for the loading, in that, you make the spectator think that you are trying to make it easier for him to follow by using less cups and less balls each time (you begin with three cups, cut down to two and end up using only one). Thirdly, the routine is easy. Finally, the sleights are kept to a minimum and the subtlety of the Cups and Balls and Chop Cup Combination set is employed. Even though mechanical means are employed, you will be credited for a high degree of skill.


ED MARLO - "With the MENDOZA ROUTINE and the required set of cups you will possess a classic effect that will entertain and surprise both laymen and magicians."

JON RACHERBAUMER - "Those looking for something will find this nicely wrought booklet a worthy addition to the literature on Cups & Balls. Every serious student of magic should add this book to his library."

THE MENDOZA CUPS AND BALLS ROUTINE--16 printed pages, 27 clear illustrations.

For those who own "MORRISSEY'S CHOP CUPS & BALLS-COMBINATION", this booklet is a must.


Contains many outstanding additions to the original routine. All of the new moves and sleights in the Sequel will fit nicely into the above routine. "The Rising Ball Sequence" will fool even the most knowledgeable magicians.



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