The Unexpected (2 DVD set) by Spelmann and Nardi - DVD

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Disc One Fist Full Of DollarsAn incredible opener for any impromptu situation. Give your spectator a chance to win some cold hard cash. All they have to do is guess which hand holds the money! They will never win! As a kicker you prove to them you knew they would choose the wrong hand from the start. Drinks On The PatioA great little performance piece to do when you're in a bar. A lovely lady is requested to help out and as a thank you will buy her a drink. The drink she gets depends on how well she does in the little test. Take NoteYour spectator takes part in a little game of chance. 3 notes of different values are placed on the table. You write a prediction on a business card which remains on full view through out. Now using your powers of persuasion you manage to influence their choice of note! Perfect ESPA quick & simple ESP match up routine. Even though your spectator mixes the cards. You always place your card down first and you can even do this facing away from your spectator! No- one a head, marked cards or extra cards involved used! Single Handed GellerMarcs ultra slick one handed coin bend. This is something that you will carry with you always! Underhand ThoughtsAn unbelievable impromptu drawing duplication that will get you out of trouble!Three For The MoneyA 3 Phase performance piece which highlights your ability to predict your spectators actions. Each phase gets increasingly more difficult yet you prove your power with 3 correct predictions! Disc Two A Tribute To Mr KaneThis is an Impromptu version of Kane's variant. A great gambling effect using only 5 business cards and some money. FeelA spectator holds an imaginary object in their cupped hands. You now concentrate and tell them exactly what they are holding!Serial Killer LiteYour spectator removes a bill from their wallet and folds it up, they then place it under an upturned wine glass. You can then call off the serial number.Three For The MoneyA three phase performance piece. Each phase gets increasingly more difficult, yet you prove your power with 3 correct predictions! Which coin they will choose, the amount of change they have and finally the serial number on a borrowed bill. Busch Brain BusterNo DVD on mentalism would be complete without a book, magazine or newspaper test. This superb 2 phased routine has been used by Spelmann and Nardi even in their paid performances utilises a fantastic subtlety from Richard Busch. Reveal a freely chosen word from any newspaper, book or magazine & describe an item your spectator has locked in their mind! Two's CompanyA discussion on utilising a friend, partner or family member to code you simple information. DVD 1 Running Time Approximately 116minDVD 2 Running Time Approximately 126min



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