The Wandering Wands

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The Pom Pom pole effect has now been taken to the magical limit! A large wand is shown. It has a long string on one side and a short string on the other. Tied to these strings are four smaller wands, a red one, a black one, a yellow one and a blue one. No matter which of the small wands is pulled out, it always raises the one already out. The yellow wand is connected to the blue wand and the blue wand is connected to the red wand and the red wand is connected to the black wand.To the spectators' amazement, the large wand is disassembled into three components,the middle black section and the two white tips and the four small wands are not joined in any way at all. The wand is reassembled and the effect is repeated again and again.Excellent visual magic with many comedy presentation possibilities.Suitable for children's shows, stage and parlour. Measures 17 inches by 1.25 inches diameter. Precision machined. Effect includes complete instructions and wands pictured above.



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