The Word by Mark Leveridge

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There are many good book tests on the market, but most rely on a specially printed or faked book - which is fine if you happen to have the particular book with you!THE WORD is different. You can walk into any room and have someone hand you any paperback book off their shelf. You do not have to see or handle the book in advance, you do not even have to know which book they are going to choose. There is no advance preparation necessary.Taking the book you hold it facing a spectator and WITH YOUR HEAD TURNED AWAY, you riffle through the pages until he tells you to stop. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO FORCE OF PAGE.The spectator remembers the last word on the top line of his selected page and the book is immediately shut and placed down. The spectator writes down his word for later verification on any piece of paper using any pen. You do not need to handle either.Despite these test conditions, without fishing for clues, you are able to reveal his chosen word. This is a reputation maker.You receive the special gimmick and full illustrated instructions.



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