The Write Stuff By Tony Eye - Book

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Imagine, constructing a picture with elements randomly and freely named by members of the audience, allowing them to change their minds and add addition elements, then revealing that you had previously drawn a similar or even identical picture. Imagine, performing a non-force, real time mental epic routine with a piece of paper, index card, notepad, whiteboard, blackboard, or nearly anything that can be written on, it could even be borrowed. Imagine, reading minds or predicting names, words, pictures, nearly anything that can be named up close, or on stage. Imagine, not needing anything "special" to perform these feats. Stop imagining! Tony Eye's "The Write Stuff" provides you with the tools to do this, and more. Here is what they are sayin "We'd say it was brilliant but we usually reserve that term for our own material.Ah, what the hell ... 'The Write Stuff' *is* brilliant! It's well a written, nicely photo-illustrated concept that belongs in every Mentalist's toolbox."- Larry Becker & Lee Earle " The Write Stuff is Good Stuff"- John Riggs "It is a devilishly clever " it is something that is going to be talked up a lot and will become an instant classic."- Sebastian Black Pages 46 - Saddle Stitched



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