Thurston's Book of Magic Volume One

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Thurston, Howard: (Swift) Book of Magic Volume 1
©1932 Howard Thurston
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 14 pages
This is the first volume of a five volume set.

Comments: Premium for Swift's Premium Meat Company, sponsor of Thurston's NBC radio show.


3 A Message from Thurston
4 Vanishing Coin
5 Egyptian Mirror
6 Two Foolers: puzzles
7 Nimble Thimble: marble and thimble transpo under cones
7 Slipping One Over: message reading
8 Advertisement: Swift Silverleaf Lard
10 Nose Knows: coin
10 Red and Black Mystery: cards
11 Tricky Cards
12 Futile Blows: cork and bottle
13 Hanging the Ring: ring and string
13 Healing Tongue: cut & restored string
14 Advertisement: Swift's Fine Foods

Thurston's Book of Magic-Library of Magic-Swift Premiums

"Thurston's Book of Magic-Library of Magic. Thurston had a radio show in the 1930s sponsored by Swift & Company, food products. Listen to the show and cut out parts of wrappers from Swift products. You could send in for magic tricks or these booklets. They are filled with magic, stunts, puzzles, etc. and a two page ad for Swift products. This lot is the complete series of five books.

DATE: Circa 1930s

SIZE: 3 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches, 12 pages each, plus orange light card covers



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