Time Is Money by Sagiv Levy- Trick

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EffectThe magician displays a large, beautiful wooden hourglass to the audience. He inverts the hourglass, beginning the countdown and hands it to a spectator to hold. The magician then borrows a bill from someone else in the audience, tears off a corner of the bill containing the serial number and gives it to the spectator as well. The magician then completely destroys the bill (burning, shredding, etc.), and, when trying to restore it, finds himself in the very awkward position of being unable to do so! The performer then directs the audience's attention back to the hourglass, and everyone notices that the sand is running out. The performer assures the audience there's nothing to worry about as in the world of magic, "Time is also worth money...!" To the audience's amazement, exactly on cue, a bill mysteriously appears from within the sand inside the hourglass! When removed, the two pieces fit exactly! Comes complete with the wooden padded carrying box, beautiful hourglass, thumbtip, fifty paper envelopes, music CD, extra bag of sand for an additional 60 seconds, printed instructions and instructional DVD.



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