Time Travel Manual by Josh Zandman

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The Time Travel ManualPresented by Josh ZandmanSome of the greatest minds in mentalism will take you on a journey through timeand teach you how to bend reality, change the past and alter the future. Containedon the pages within, are the secrets to creating some of the most incredible timetraveling presentations you could imagine.15 routines on 100 pages.Tour Guides:Ted Karmilovich will show you one of the most incredible and impossibleheadline predictions ever devised. Hand your spectator an actual headline, takenfrom a newspaper in the future.Andrew Gerard demonstrates a hypnotic journey into the past where yourspectator relives the events of her day. Returning to the past, everything is back tonormal except for the time on her watch.Josh Zandman takes a Q&A routine into the future. Three answers are instantlyrevealed inside a sealed envelope, held by the spectator before she even answersyour questions.... and Kenton Knepper, Scott Grossberg, Nick Belleas, Greg Arce, Don TheoIII, George Frega and Sean Waters.This is great. It goes from excellent to genius and nothing less! Useable audiencetested stuff that will enhance any act. The Headline/time travel effect by TedKarmilovich is an outstanding routine. Imagine traveling ahead in time and comingback with the actual printed headline from several days in the future. Killer stuff!-Tony RazzanoTake your spectators on a trip through the Twilight Zone and Groundhog Day allat the same time, while completely destroying their sense of reality. And that isonly one of the many effects found within. I predict you are in for a real treat! -Max KrauseThe material is excellent. This is what real Theatre of the Mind is all about.Some of the most thought-provoking material this year. -Ben Harris"An eclectic collection of effects, all with a time travel theme. The effects are sostrong that after reading them I feel like I indeed traveled into the future havingwitnessed a magic performance of a much more advanced kind." -ChrisWasshuber"I read this book some days ago. Or perhaps next week, I'm not quite sure. It'spacked with delicious scripts, a couple of laugh out loud moments and lots ofexcellent ideas from some of my favorite thinkers." -Timothy Hyde



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