Tony Marks, Aristocrat of Deception by Bev Bergeron (Used-Inscribed)

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An excellent copy of this book inscribed by the author "Allakazam, Bev Bergeron, 2007."
You know, there are times when a book is printed and you hold it in your hands and begin reading. When you are through, you hold the book against your chest, sigh, and say a silent "thank you" to the author of the book. This is one of those books. Tony Marks was a very successful stage and night club performer. In this book, Tony breaks down his entire act and teaches you step by step the act that kept him a working performer throughout his entire career. BUT, this book goes a lot further. In his description of his act he talks about the timing, the pauses, the "takes," the pacing of the act, the routining, etc. These are the things that make an act. Sure the tricks are good but it's the other things that make it a successful act. If you are a stage performer this 120 page hardbound book is a true lesson in what it takes to make your act work. Every detail is here. Tony Marks worked in the classic style. He did a complete act with a single "box" table and worked from that alone. The act consisted of the true classics in magic. Card Manipulation, Cigarettes, Silks, Vanishing Cane, Doves, Silks, Torn & Restored Newspaper, Thimbles, and finally the Production of the largest Live Rabbit you have ever seen. All of this was done in the middle of a night club floor. The act was strong and structured correctly. At times he would add the Borrowed Watch in Nest of Boxes. This is also included complete with his great presentation and patter lines. Every detail from the holders, the secret loads in the tails, the routines, and the thought behind the act. This is "real" show business all in one book. It's what the business is all about. If you work on stage or WANT to work on stage, I recommend this book highly!!!!



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Reviewing: Tony Marks, Aristocrat of Deception by Bev Bergeron (Used-Inscribed)

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