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EffectThis is totally strange and unusual. Can you move a hole? Can you move something that consists of nothing? You show an plastic strip that is about 11 inch long (27cm) and 2 inches (5 cm) wide from both sides. On the top the strip has a large hole. Bring it in front of your eye, close your other eye and take a look through the hole into your audience. Now hold the strip with the right hand at the bottom, left hand at the top end. With your thumb and first finger of your left you grab into the hole and move your hand downwards. The audience won't believe their eyes: THE HOLE SLIDES ALL THE WAY WITH THE FINGERS DOWNWARDS! You can even stop for a short moment, then move on! Now you turn the strip upside down again, peek through the hole and immediately hand the strip to your stunned audience! Have you ever seen something like that before? No? So does your audience! No, it's not difficult to perform. But you can't show it in your birthday suit! The travelling hole was developed by the inventors Werry, Joro and Topsi. You receive the special plastic strip with a detailed instruction.



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