TV-Comis-News Presentations for Tricks

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Let's face it (which are always unpleasant words preceding something you'd just as soon not hear!)...people of today, especially the young, are not turned on by patter and presentation stories involving fairies, kings and queens of long ago, elves, ancient Chinese magicians and the like.
They are so brain-washed by constant viewing of TV, daily reading of newspapers and comic books, and constant blows by headlines several times a day, that they live in a world of "here and now."
We have arranged a book on this subject, based on work done by professional, Ricki Dunn. With its help, you can build your patter and presentation ideas on material with which the world about you is very familiar, down to the smallest kid.
We show you how to apply it to your own tricks so you can bring your act or show up to date...and, best of all...keep it that way!
Let your magic be influenced by the same powers as your audiences.
You can only keep in step if you listen to the same drummer!
TV/Comics/News Presentations With Your Own Tricks
Star Trek/Hagar, The Horrible/Kojak/Spider Man/War of Stars/Columbo/Dick Tracy/Space Men/Dennis



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