Twenty Effects for Psychic Entertainers by Bruce Bernstein

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A book of Mental Effects by Bruce Bernstein, creator of Couples and the highly acclaimed Bernstein Center Tear Technique. This book contains twenty practical, straight-forward, and direct routines. None of the effects require equipment that has to be constructed, none require stooges or codes, none require billet switches. Best of all, they are all One Man effects, with no trained assistants needed. Half of the effects are entirely impromptu, including a totally impromptu book test in which the spectator may pick his own book and his own choice of page number. The effects range from close up to stage, but almost all are readily adaptable to any performing conditions your style calls for. At least a minor background in the traditional skills of the Mentalist will be helpful in putting this material to use--this is not a book for beginners. Illustrated. 60 pages spiral bound.



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