Ultimate Float Controller by Trickproduction - DVD

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Learn all secrets on the ultimate floating device! The ultimate levitation gadget, highly recommended by the biggest names in magic, such as Michael Ammar, Rocco, Max Maven, Norm Nielsen, Mike Caveney and more! This dvd teaches you many routines for the Ultimate Float Controller! Learn all details on the technical working of the electronic gadget. Content of the video-dvd: Working of U.F.C. Stripping of Thread The Floating Bill The Flying Bill United Brainpower Sideways Flying Bill Three Dimensional Floating & many other tips, hints and ideas! An UFC Float Controller enables you to make any lightweight object float in the air and walk 50 feet or even more away (!) from the floating object. Also you can let items float to the ground, then up again to your waiting hands. By the use of two Ultimate Float Controllers all levitations can be taken into a new dimension: Objects can fly from one person to another person and back or items can fly away, down, up again and to the side! Yes, this means not only in one direction back or forth but also to the left or right! All directions are covered by this new float control system! - Let items fly from a spectators hand to you! - Let "the spirits" move and animate borrowed objects! - Levitate any lightweight object like silks, rope, finger rings, sponge balls, and more! - Use close-up or on stage! Bring all levitation and floating-effects into the third dimension by using the new UFC 3D System! That's what the pro's say: "Once mastered, you can perform effects with U. F. C. that are impossible with any other gimmick ever made. Close up and at times surrounded as you are, you can perform incredible levitations and animations that look like real magic!"- Michael Ammar "I strongly recommend U. F. C.! It looks excellent and it is very well made. I am anxious to see them on the market, because I think there is a need for it. Something that is well made, so very few things are. I wish you a lot of success with this and I think you're going to have it!"- Norm Nielsen "UFC is the best thread gimmick I've ever seen. The workmanship is first class and the design is ingenious!"- David Williamson "I've just seen the best float controller on Earth."- Finn Jon "I tip my shoulder to this remarkable gimmick!"- Mike Caveney Running Time Approximately 35min



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