Ultimental trick Jheff

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This pet effect, which Jheff has been successfully performing for years, takes a couple of classic principles of mentalism and melds them into an entirely new routine designed to bring jaw-dropping awe and admiration to all who witness it!

A participant freely thinks of a number of thoughts, such as words or dates. The performer writes something down on a business card and seals it up inside a small envelope. To make it even more challenging, the participant is instructed to focus on just one of those thoughts. The choice is randomly chosen.

The participant removes the business card form the sealed envelope and finds the freely chose though written in the message on the back. And, of course, this business card can be given away as a perfect and unforgettable souvenir of the performer's incredible abilities!

  • Only the envelopes and business cards are used!
  • Any pen or pencil can be used!
  • No switches, carbons, or electronics!
  • The random thoughts are not forced!

What People Are Saying:

"Ultimental is a superb effect that is straightforward and powerful.  It uses tried and proven principles that Jheff has reworked, like the notes in our musical scale, to produce a whole new masterpiece. I love this kind of mentalism!" -Richard Osterlind



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