Ultra Tube by David Ginn

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Ultra Tube by David Ginn
A sellout for Marty Hahne in Branson after David Ginn showed this in his lecture! It’s this simple: Open this 9 x 18-inch colorful heavy paper tube and show it empty. Immediately roll it up, give it a tap on your palm, and out comes a beautiful silk
streamer — 50 feet long! You read that right! The load chamber in this small tube will hold a 4-inch X 50 foot streamer!
Wait, there’s more! You can use this same tube as a dye tube. Show it empty, push a white silk through it, and the silk changes to red. Do it again and change red to yellow, then yellow to blue! Want more? Start with the empty tube and push 4-5 small silks into one end, and out comes a 36-inch blendo silk! Marty Hahne has been using David Ginn's Color Explosion Blendo set to do this. You can too.
ULTRA TUBE is well-made, colorful, and inexpensive. 50 Foot Streamer made by Goshman. It fits perfectly inside the Ultra Tube.
TUBE/50 FT COMBO: Take both Tube & Streamer at $45.00.



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