Underground Jam by Jay Sankey - DVD

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In the spring of 2005 Jay sent out a world-wide request for audition videos featuring original material from unknown magicians. In response, performers from more than a dozen countries submitted more than 200 tapes and dvds! From this mountain of submissions Jay and his team unanimously selected Joe Diamond, Eric Leclerc and Jeff Stone.A few months later, Jay, Joe, Eric and Jeff met up in Toronto and over a couple of days taped an outstanding collection of close-up magic and mentalism including 20 effects with matchbooks, coins, playing cards, keys, film canisters, wrist watches, chewing gum, water bottles and magic markers. Here are just a few... UNIQUELYThe torn corner of a playing card and a marked coin impossibly change places! RAZOR BURNA disposable razor visibly transforms into a book of matches! JACKED-UPOne of the cleanest, tightest color changing deck routines you will ever learn! DREAM VACATIONAn initialed coin vanishes and reappears in a just-examined film canister! STRAIGHT FROM THE HEARTA marvelously practical "rising card" handling! SHY GUYSA super visual, lo-tech "Twisting the Aces" routine. You'll learn it, you'll do it! MAGIA sandwich effect with a mind-blowing surprise ending! GREAT SCOTTThe spectator's signed card appears folded-up under the magicians wrist watch! FINAL CAP IN BOTTLEThe "last word" on cap-in-water-bottle effects! T-BONEA widly visual torn and restored card effect that starts and finishes absolutely clean! Running Time Approximately 135min



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