Unlink by Jordan Victoria

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A selected card is placed in between two others. The card vanishes to appear in your pocket.

A unique 2 card transposition where the cards are SIGNED ! A miracle as you've never seen before !

A selected card is placed in between two other cards. The card vanishes and appear in the middle of the deck. You place it back in between the two cards and once again, the card vanish to appear in the middle of the deck. Of course, the spectator can takes his card at the end of the effect !

A card is selected, signed and placed in between two other cards. You shake your hand and the back of the card change ! You place the selected card on top of the deck and now the entire deck has a different back color.

An effect using vanishes, penetrations, color change.......

+ TIPS...
Unlink is not an effect... it's a TOOL for every magician! The Unlink gimmick is very versatile and it's different from what you can find in the market (Twizted by Eric Jones, Shin Lim vanishing card,...). Here you have (for example) a freely selected card that is signed and placed in between two other cards. The signature is VISIBLE until the vanish and then you can make it appear in your back pocket !

- Endless possibilities
- Cards can be SIGNED and visible until the vanish
- Handmade gimmick
- DVD instruction with 7 angles to follow easily the explanations


"I really enjoyed this DVD, mainly because the possibilities for this gimmick are endless. "
James Conti, Reviewer 4/14/2015

"Unlink is a solid tool for achieving some very visual card magic. "
Magic Junkie, Reviewer 5/21/2015

"This is a very nice utility device to make a sandwich card appear or disappear."
Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant 4/10/2015

"French video review."
Alexis De La Fuente, Reviewer 7/24/2014

"Spanish video review"
Telmo, Reviewer 5/1/2015

"video review."
David Penn, Wizard Product Reviews 9/3/2014

"video review"
David Kenney, Reviewer 5/11/2015

"I think this is a great tool and the possibilities are endless for so many different routines. "
Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 4/30/2015

"...it’s a fun thing to play with. The gaff practically works itself, and the change is startling and instant."
Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine 5/20/2015

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