Variations by Earl Nelson (Inscribed 1979 Revised edition)

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This is an original 1979 revised edition of Earl Nelson's book, Variations. This copy is inscribed "To Jerry, Many Many Thanks for Everything, Earl, Sept. 1979."
Published by Mark Wilson Publications, this book was highly sought after and sold for $200 and up on auction sites. Hardbound in maroon covers with gold imprint on the cover and spine, this book contains Earl Nelson's excellent card and coin work for serious close up enthusiasts. Contents are listed below:

*Reset,Reset - an unclutered handling of the Paul Harris classic that eliminates the show of the the kings packet after the aces "reset" from kings to aces.

*Between Your Points Of Departure - A spectator holds the fours aces between his palms. A selection is inserted into the packet, vanishes and reappears face up in the center of the deck.

*Slow Motion Top Change - exactly what the title suggests. Never seen anyone use this...

*Color Changing Deck - a clever handling and some good thoughts on the concept. Seated performance only.

*The Haunted Card - Mike Skinner's handling of a Krenzel move where the card slowly spins out of the pack. Krenzel's move is in the Minch book and the out of print HaLo book.

*Exploding Aces - a great four ace production where three aces leap from the pack followed by the haunted card revelation.

*Pass The Sandwich & Submarine Sandwich - two sandwich effects using the Frank Simon spread control. Pass the sandwich uses a pass to vanish the sandwich cards.

*Frank Simon's About Face Aces - Kings are put into four places in the deck. Aces are twisted face down and then change to kings. The aces are found in the deck.

*Sleeve Aces - The deck is cut and the two indifferent cards on the packet faces are rubbed on the sleeves. They change to red aces. The red aces are rubbed on the table and change to black aces. The red aces are reproduced.

*Pretty Good Coins Across - Uses the popup coin move, a shell and the Bertram transfer.

*Coined Card - a coin vanishes only to be found on top of a selected card in the center of the deck.

*The $1.50 Vanish - Three half dollars vanish one at a time and reappear under a single playing card. The card is used to scoop the coins from the table one at a time.

*Four, The Hard Way - coins produced from between playing cards ala Andrus' "Miser's Miracle"
Four, The Easy Way - as above using a shell

*Clifton's Ring Move & Earl's Ring Move - two now standard finger ring and cord moves. Both excellent.
Impromptu Flying Ring - a nice handling for using the standard gaffed keycase.

*Hit And Run Aces - a four ace production ala Roll Over Aces without the extra Triumph and royal flush business. Quick and direct.

*The Changing of the Card - a card is selected. A Silver dollar is placed on the face of the deck and the card underneath it changes to the selected card as you wave your hand over the coin.



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