Velocity by Scott Alexander

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 Scott Alexander has done it again. First, he took the classic Russian Roulette style routine and turned it into a totally safe blockbuster called "Shattered." You can see it on his DVD " Midnight Show". Everybody in magic is buzzing about it. The experts all agree it's the finest solution for the plot...ever! Hundreds of professional worldwide now include "Shattered" in their professional programs.Velocity is Scott's brilliant answer for the classic effect "The Bullet Catch". Once again, he's taken all of the danger out and has delivered another killer (pun intended).What is Velocity?Velocity is the world's first Bullet Catch using a paintball gun. The gun we supply is extremely threatening...just check out the picture at the bottom of this page. Bob Kohler Magic has modified the gun in an extremely clever way so that the gun does most of the work for you! Velocity is a truly impossible mystery. First, the gun fires a "practice round" to prove that it is in fact a working gun. Second, a spectator signs a paintball. The gun is fired...Scott managed to catch the paintball with his teeth. Loads of mystery, loads of fun...and danger! The full performance is a rapid fire six minutes of action and laughter!But isn't Velocity messy? Since paintballs are involved, you may think this routine is really messy. Not so...paintballs are designed to "mark" the object they hit. When they hit the target the contained substance doesnt splatter everywhere as you might think. The paint stays where it hits. It doesnt drip at all..Is Velocity a professional caliber routine?Absolutely. Velocity is designed for professional use. The method meets and exceeds all of the test conditions you'd expect. It's a total fooler.Velocity is really funny. Scott's presentation is packed with comedy. You'll soon be getting the big laughs Scott gets show after show. Nothing is left out.Velocity isn't a pipe dream. It's yet another fabulous routine right out of Scott's professional stage show. Velocity has been honed to perfection for over ten years in all types of venues: comedy clubs, college shows, Las Vegas showrooms, on the street and even on Regis. It's totally practical: you can even do it close up. The best part is Velocity is so easy to do anyone can do it!Skill Level=Very EasyWhat if I need help?Velocity is a BK Pro Line Product. This means you get top-flight instruction via a training DVD produced at the studios of Bob Kohler Magic. Nothing has been left out. The DVD is 1hour & 28 minutes with Scott and he tips it all. Included is Scott's live performance of Velocity on the top American cruise ship in Hawaii "The Pride of Aloha" in front of 1000 people. Packs small, plays huge!As with all BK Pro Line products, Velocity will have an Inner Circle Support Forum dedicated to helping you master "the work." Of course, the Velocity Forum is only available to end users, so you don't have to worry about lurkers.What do I get?Velocity ships with everything you need for 50 shows except the compressed air canisters. Federal law prohibits sending compressed air via airmail. The good news is the canisters are very inexpensive and available worldwide. The gaffed paintball gun will last for many, many years. The other necessary supplies are inexpensive and widely available.Velocity will certainly set the benchmark for totally daring, hilarious magic!

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