Water Magic E-Book and Art File by Jim Kleefeld

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Water Magic is Jim's wonderful new e-book and show resource. Over 110 pages of great new tricks, ideas and routines, all on magic with water! Summer 2010 is the year for libraries all over the U.S. to present "Make a Splash-Read!" for their Summer Reading Clubs. Swimming pools, beach balls, surfboards and fish will be everywhere. Do you have a water-themed magic show ready? Get Jim's new e-book now and you will be all set for next summer with dozens of fish and swimming tricks. A beach ball magically changes places with everything in it's path! A lady changes into a mermaid right before your eyes! Real water vanishes and reappears in several different ways! Magically catch any color fish the audience wants with your eyes closed! Kids magically match toy fish to fish books without even looking!Dozens of original tricks and routines about the beach, swimming, fishing, water conservation and more. Tons of useable, printable artwork to make tricks. Scores of routines for commercial water tricks with Jim's Tips and Suggestions for them all. Water Facts. Water Jokes. Water Bibliographies (Yes, that means two!) Enough magic to do literally hours and hours of performance. You can find or build several complete shows from this vast collection of tricks. This is Jim's largest book with more ideas than ever!Water Magic, 120 pages + 160 art files and fonts on CD-ROM. $45.



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