West Coast Conjurers Volume 1 by Tony Clark and Austin Brooks - DVD

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A New DVD From Tony Clark & Austin Brooks! Starring Tony Clark, David Regal, Lou Serrano and Alexander.With a special guest appearance by Austin Brooks.This DVD is shot with Reality TV style in a Hollywood VIP clubroom for a real audience. It has a cool vibe thanks to music by Austin Brooks Productions.You will learn:Tony Clark's Impromptu Knife thru Coat.You can do this mini-illusion anywhere anytime with anyone's coat or jacket. This is one they'll always talk about.See him perform his Sly Scarves, Physic Snake, and Bottle Thru Body.David Regal's mind boggling Wild Card Routine.If you think you know how Wild Card works, David will fool you bad with his handling of this classic routine. You'll swear you've seen both sides of every card.See him perform his new Disposable Deck.Alexander's flawless Finger Ring on String with a powerhouse Ring in Card Box Finale.See him perform a beautiful version of Paul Harris' Cardboard Connection.Lou Serrano is one of the busiest strolling magicians in Los Angeles. He will teach you his rendition of the stunning Card In Picture Frame with a great card force technique that is fool-proof and undetectable.See him perform his Torn, Burnt and Restored Tissue Paper.Watch Austin Brooks perform his New "Sign Off" Card effect.In addition to the four great effects you'll see and learn, you also get a chance to see how LA's top professional magicians entertain an audience. Running Time Approximately 57min



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