Wicker Man by Daniel Greenwolf - Trick

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An Ancient Relic Comes To Life In The Palm Of Your Hand!A straw doll slowly rises and falls in the magician's hands... without wires, magnets, or threads!Can be done in full light, even outdoors Hands can be examined before and after Can be done at any point during a performance large size makes effect accessible to a bigger audience, but still deceptive enough to be done inches away from a spectatorEffectAfter talking about the legend of "The Wicker Man," the magician removes an 8-inch tall doll of straw and string and places it on his empty hand. Slowly, the doll starts to stand up until it is completely vertical, almost looking at the audience. Then, it slowly lies back down in the magician's hand.Wicker Man Dimensions Approximately 8" x 4 1/2" (20.25cm x 11.5cm)



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