Wizards Manual (formerly Brother of All Book Tests) (Normal) - Trick

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A Book Effect with a Built-In Added Second Punch EffectDocc Hilford has developed a new trick with an added punch. It has stunned magicians and mentalist at every convention at which is has been shown. it sold out in the first hours of its release. Here's what all the excitement is about.A spectator is handed an envelope. He randomly selects a page from a paperback book and remembers the page number and a few words on that page. The spectator holds on to the book The magician is able to reveal the words only thought of by the spectator. The mage ask the spectator to open the book to his selected page to verify the words, however, the page has been ripped from the book. The spectator finds it in the envelope and the page's ragged edge matches the book precisely!Entirely new method! - No palming, No switching, Nothing is added or taken from the book, No sticky stuff like wax or rubber cement, No upside-down page numbers. The book is handled by the spectator.Everything is self contained and easy to do. You'll be stunning audiences 10 minutes after you get the special book.Presentation possiblities are only limited by your imagination. Time travel, psychokenisis, magick, hypnotism, mind control, out of body experience, and spirit activity are only some of the patter possiblities.This is NOT a book test! This miracle has a double climax. Most book tests are about revealing a chosen word. This effect has the kicker of the page having been torn out before it.Professionals who have added this great trick to their shows, have continued to palce further back in the program because it's too strong to follow!What Professional Magicians and Mentalists are sayin"I'm completely baffled! I have no idea how you let the spectator handle the book." - Larry Becker"There are too many book tests in magic, but this not a book test. This is terrific!" - Ted Lesley"I've been adding believable mentalism to my new show. I'm goin to use this." - Marvin Roy"I collect different book tests. And this is different from any I've seen." - Dr. Juris"I use this nightly in my stage shows. It has become one of my favorite effects." - Kenton Knepper



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