Workers Book Volume Three by Michael Close

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Michael Close's series of manuscripts contain some of the most commercial, entertaining and powerful magic in print, spanning over 20 years of professional performing in real-world conditions. In sharing his work, Michael has held nothing back, including full presentations and extra tips and thinking.Volume ThreeFurther Routines from the Professional Repertoire of Michael CloseThe Big Surprise Presentation (essay) A Visit From Rocco You Axed for It Patter (essay) Patter for Pavel's "Fantastic Knot" Technique (essay) On Palming Take A Letter The Incredible Peeked Prediction Naturalness and Motivation (essay) The Ooh-Ahh Bird Origami Bill Production The Too Perfect Theory (essay) Chicken Teriyaki Analysis and Conviction (essay) The Incredible Growing Toothpick Ethics (essay) We're All B*z*s On This Bus Down for the Count Audience Management (essay) The Card, the Forehead and the Saltshaker 138 pages.



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