Denny Haney

Legends never die. They just grow more fabulous with each retelling. Denny Haney is just such a legend (December 26, 1945 – January 23, 2019).

This site is dedicated to his legend and its roots…performance magic!

If you are a practicing magician, wish to learn the art, or are just consumed with wonder and delight when watching a magician ply their craft, this is the place for you!

Originally built by Denny Haney himself, we endeavor to honor him and his craft by making this site everything he dreamed it could be…a place for magicians, aspirants, and fans to come, learn, laugh, and be amazed…just as Denny did for audiences for four decades.

Denny Haney took his touring earnings and invested in a magic studio where he could share his craft, enthrall, and teach a new generation of magicians. His studio, the Magic Castle, became a mecca for magicians from around the world. It is in this spirit that so richly informed Denny’s legacy that we present this site.

Denny Haney was raised in foster care and the magic community of which he was an integral part became his extended family. He also served our nation honorably in the US military. 

Family, service, inspiration, passion – this is the legacy of Denny Haney.

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