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How do Magicians Levitate? [Answered]

Magician levitating a ball while wearing a magician outfit

Levitation is a popular illusion in magic, in which a magician appears to defy gravity by hovering or floating in mid-air. While it may seem impossible, there are actually several different methods that magicians use …

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Most Famous Magicians in the World (10 Popular)

famous magicians

Magic has long been a source of amazement, wonder, and entertainment for decades even before the days of television, magicians were some of the most beloved performers around. Till today many talented magicians have amazed …

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Is Magic a Talent (What to Know)

is magic a talent

A lot of people think that magic is a talent. While others believe that it’s an art. While some think that it’s a combination of everything. Whatever you think, there are various things regarding magic …

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How Much Do Magicians Make? (Worth it?)

How Much Do Magicians Make

How much do magicians make? This is a common question amongst people interested in magic, magicians, and even those who know a thing or two about the business of magic. Magicians are typically independent contractors, …

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