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Top 7 Best Magic Kits for Kids in 2023

best magic kits for kids

Kids have a natural fascination with magic and the performing arts. This fascination is only heightened when kids see magicians in action or watch magic shows on TV. As a result, there are now a …

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Why do Magicians Wear Black? (Explained!)

why magicians wear black

Magicians often wear a black outfit, from their shoes to the hat they wear on their heads. This is not just a coincidence! A magician’s clothing choice has been largely influenced by movies and TV …

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How to Become a Magician? (Step by Step)

how to become a magician

There are a few different ways to become something you know nothing about. The world is full of people that have been learning their skills from scratch, whether that’s as a musician, artist, or scientist! …

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Are Magic Cards Worth Anything?

are magic cards worth anything

“Are magic cards worth anything?” is a common question asked by a lot of aspiring magicians. The question also opens up a whole world of possibilities. The answer is that there is no easy answer, …

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Do Magicians Make Good Money?


Do magicians make good money? Is it worth the time and effort to become a magician? With the grime, dirt, and stains that magicians get when they perform their tricks on stage, you might be …

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Different Types of Magicians (10 Common)

different types of magician

Magicians are broadly categorized into two types, stage magicians and close-up magicians. Stage magicians perform their illusions on a stage, usually with the help of assistants. Close-up magicians work small spaces, mostly with cards or …

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