What Props do Magicians Use? (Common Items Explained)

Successful magicians are a rare breed. It is hard to imagine how they pull off their illusions and stunts, let alone create the perfect stage for their magic tricks.

But magicians use a wide range of props that serve as part of their plot or spectacle, enabling them to make the impossible happen before your eyes.

This list includes a wide variety of magical props, from coins and balls to handkerchiefs and cards. In this article we are going to look at the most common props magicians have in their arsenal.

What Props do Magicians use?


This is the most common prop that magicians have in their possession. They have been around for hundreds of years, and are used for a wide range of tricks, including pulling a rabbit out of a hat, making tricks with cards. Magicians love to use playing cards because they allow them to create all sorts of illusions. The more elaborate routines they can come up with, the better!


A magician’s most treasured possession. Some magicians have an entire collection of coins in their arsenal. Coins are used for a variety of effects, from making objects disappear to predicting the future, coins are one of the most common props to use.


Handkerchiefs are the perfect props for magic enthusiasts who want to use their magic to seduce the ladies in the audience. These props are used in sleight of hand magic where one magician is seen to take a handkerchief from another one, This trick often ends up getting the audience involved and wanting to see more.


Handcuffs are an important prop for magicians who want to create suspense and thrill their audiences with mind-bending illusions where they make their hands invisible. These props are used in so many tricks where the magician can make their hands invisible and then make them reappear again. These props are often used to make one person disappear from a group of people.


Dice are toys that have been around for centuries. Magicians use them to “import” objects and people, to teleport objects or even as part of their grand illusions and stage settings that allow them to amaze their audiences!

Cups and Balls:

Magic tends to make people perform silly tricks, and cups and balls are often used as props. A person will pick up a cup, pour something into it, then it will magically explode or smoke up.

These are some of the most common illusions that magicians use in their tricks. Many serve only to entertain their audience, but there are a few that defy logic and can even leave them wondering if they truly saw what they saw!


Thumb tips are another magical prop that has been around for centuries. They are used to make to hold certain objects on their thumbs, as part of a show. Thumb tips are also used to create stunning illusions where one magician’s certain object disappears and reappears in the other side of their hand!


Glasses have always been popular props for magicians who want to convey that they are no ordinary human beings. They are always a part of stage illusions, where a glass is magically filled with sand or water, and then the magician removes it from their hand and makes the sand or water disappear!


Rope illusions have been around for centuries and have survived the test of time. They are a common illusion in magic, where one magician ties another to a chair with a rope, then proceeds to tie the rope into knots before making it disappear completely!

The Invisible Deck:

This prop has been used by magicians since the 1930s. The invisible deck is usually given to the audience, who are then asked to guess what is in the deck. Magicians use the invisible deck to create some great illusions on stage, and many of them have become quite famous through this trick!

Final Thoughts

Most of these props are the most important ones in a magician’s repertoire. However, they are part of magicians’ arsenal that helps them to create various spectacles on stage.

Some of them are simple tricks, such as making coins disappear and reappear again, while some are quite complicated and require great skill on the part of the magician. It also takes a lot of practice to pull off these tricks with perfection. But magic is about fun for magicians, and that is what drives them to perform miracles before an audience!

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