Top 5 Mentalism Books [Review]

Unlike the relatively easy sleight of hand utilized in magic shows and card tricks, mentalism magic is a broader and somewhat more complex artistic expression that depends on a grasp of human thinking and body posture, and the perception of mentalism tricks.

Several mentalists fancy reading books that provide valuable mind-reading enchantments, and prefer them to other sources of mentalism magic. These books provide helpful information, which is vital for mentalists.

Mentalism magic is a difficult skill to master. You must know precisely how to move through the art’s complicated network of magic deliciousness, including everything from strange notions to complex procedures and mind-bending illusions. Otherwise, you may find yourself entangled in the art’s interconnected web of magic sweetness. 

If you find yourself in such a curious situation, you’ve arrived at the correct place, as we look at some of the finest mentalism magic books. These books will help you to understand mentalism magic better.

Our Top Picks for the Best Mentalism Books:

13 Steps to Mentalism Book

13 Steps to Mentalism

by Tony Corinda

4.5 Star Rating

Amongst the greatest mentalists, this book is considered the holy book of mentalism. It’ll be unjust to the author and aspiring mentalists if such a publication is excluded from the top mentalism magic books suggested by experienced mentalists. 

Tony Corinda, a renowned English mentalist, wrote “13 Steps to Mentalism” in 1961. He had initially written this book in 13 volumes, each presenting a distinct mentalism practice. His publications include mentalism magic practices related to forecasts, mental imagery, simple tricks, mnemonics, and many other topics. 

Later, the material was compiled into a single book that serves as a comprehensive guide for mentalists. Tony Corinda outlines the mysteries and tricks with the activities involved behind the scenes in this book.

It isn’t easy to put into words how valuable the book may be for each magician. Each year, numerous magicians spend huge sums on mentalism innovations and mesmerizing tricks, oblivious that comparable mysteries and techniques are just under their noses in this book. 

Anyone over the age of 12 is encouraged to read the book. The book is helpful for both novices and professionals. Published in 1961, you might find the text to be a little out of date, making it difficult to read. However, it is a must-read for any aspiring mentalist.

Practical Mental Magic Book

Practical Mental Magic

by Theodore Annemann

4.5 Star Rating

The most astounding feats in any magician’s arsenal include mind-reading, the transmission of ideas, prophecy, miraculous slate sequences, and other “psychic” illusions. In the world of theatrical magic, Theodore Annemann’s practical mental magic brings unparalleled astonishment that can perplex a crowd through jaw-dropping magical performances. 

In “Practical Mental Magic”, Theodore Annemann makes one of the finest mental magicians of all time explain the techniques behind almost 200 mind-blowing performances. Using his demonstrations and as the publisher of Jinx magazine, Theodore Annemann perhaps accomplished more than the others to promote this style of amusement. 

In this thorough compilation, his vast knowledge, expertise, and understandings are largely visible.

Some handy magical practices behind such incredible implications include pseudo-psychometry, which consists of some of the finest one-person psychological effects ever. They also have crowd-pleasing features, each wholly described and illustrated, with insider insights on tactics, staging, patter, crops, and confederates, distractions.

Annemann’s emphasis is also on traditional magic materials, and a desire to learn from one of magic’s famous characters is all that is necessary. Annemann devised a total of 16 versions of this well-known book.

Confessions of a Conjuror

Confessions of a Conjuror

by Derren Brown

4.5 Star Rating

In “Confessions Of A Conjuror”, Derren Brown’s insiders introduce readers to a unique and intriguing world. You can enter and learn how Darren’s brain operates, what inspires him, and how he became the strange and fantastic author, he is today.

Derren has been fascinated by magic and tricks since he was a boy. In this book, he invites the readers on a fascinating mystery tour – to the heart of his brain. 

Derren’s continuous, fascinating narration ranges over issues from the origins of wizardry and the principles of psychology to the delights of internet purchases and the correct use of Parmesan cheese, starting with the many phases of a conjuring act he’s doing in a busy restaurant. This book is brilliant, amusing, and unlike anything you’ve ever read.

Mind Control Darren Brown Book

Mind Control: The Most Complete Guide to Master the Subliminal Art of Mentalism

by Derren Brown

4 Stars

The book begins by teaching you the fundamentals of dark psychology before quickly moving on to tactics you may use to help yourself in your everyday life. 

The fundamentals of dark psychology, ways of studying and understanding people, how to convey subconscious signals, how to convince someone, deceit, and hypnosis, and manipulating and affecting the human mind are all covered in this book.

By the end of each chapter, the readers will have learned almost everything they’ll ever need to know about controlling and influencing the brain and will be more than capable of practicing and implementing it themselves if they so desire. It would be an understatement to say that this book is not a complete guide to exploring and controlling the human brain. 

Super Psychic Readings

Super Psychic Reading

by Ian Rowland

4.5 Star Rating

This book will teach you how to provide any personal psychic reading to anybody at any place. Readings provide a variety of techniques, including tarot, numerology, fortune-telling, graphology, and psychometry. These interpretations are generally alluded to as psychic readings because no psychic talent is indicated or inferred.


Are you fascinated by reading about these mentalism books and want to learn mentalism tricks? You can learn many mentalism skills by reading these books, including mind-reading tricks and much more. You’ll be able to get a firm grip on mentalism magic practices. Get your hands on these books and enter the curious and intriguing world of mentalism magic.

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