How Do Magicians Bend Spoons (Explained!)

How do magicians bend spoons?

Have you ever been in awe of a magician or mentalist making a spoon bend? Many of us have seen spoon-bending magicians and marveled at their mysterious power of it, but how do they actually do it?

In this blog post, I will tell you all you need to know about spoon bending and more. Keep reading. 

How do magicians bend spoons?

Magicians use a variety of techniques to bend spoons. The most common method is called muscle misdirection, which involves using sleight of hand and body language to convince the audience that the spoon is bending due to physical strength.

This technique relies on subtle movements and positioning of the magician’s hands in order to give the illusion that they are exerting great force onto the spoon.

Also, some performers employ psychological tricks like suggestion or hypnosis in order to convince their audiences that they are able to bend spoons with their minds alone.

Another popular technique used by magicians is called palm pressure, where an object such as a coin or another spoon is placed on top of the one being bent and then pressed against it with enough pressure that it appears to be slowly bending.

In this trick, the performer will guide their subject into a relaxed state before convincing them that they have supernatural abilities over metal objects like spoons. While these methods may seem implausible at first glance, experienced magicians can successfully execute such illusions when done correctly.

How to bend a spoon like a magician

Bending a spoon like a magician can be done with either the mentalism or palmistry techniques. To do this, you will need to practice manipulating the spoon between your fingers while applying pressure in specific areas.

For instance, when using the mentalism technique, you will want to concentrate on pushing down on certain points of the handle and then gradually easing off as you reach other parts.

You may find that it helps if you use your thumb as an anchor point for added stability during this process. When using palm, place your dominant hand over the handle of the spoon and apply pressure from both sides – gently at first and increasing force until desired results are achieved.

 It is important to remember that too much pressure may cause permanent damage so make sure to only apply enough necessary force for each bend.

Who was the magician who bent spoons?

The first magician to perform the spoon bending trick was Uri Geller, a famous Israeli illusionist. In the 1970s, he began performing this feat in front of live audiences around the world and quickly gained fame for it.

He achieved his success by using mental power rather than physical manipulation to bend spoons with just his mind. This trick made him very popular among viewers since it defied what was previously thought possible in terms of magic tricks.

Geller’s ability to manipulate metal objects has been widely debated over the years as some claim that he uses hidden tools or devices while others insist that he does indeed have paranormal powers.

Despite all these arguments, one thing is for certain: Uri Geller was definitely one of the most influential magicians when it comes to introducing spoon bending into mainstream entertainment.

His act inspired many other magicians and continues to entertain today even if we can’t fully understand how exactly he bends spoons with only his mental strength alone.


In conclusion, spoon-bending is an iconic and mesmerizing magic trick that has been captivating audiences for centuries. Despite its apparent complexity, the trick itself can be mastered with practice and knowledge of some basic principles.

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